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First Look at the Treo 680


Earlier today at Digitallife Palm announced the much anticipated Treo 680. We got our hands on one and are happy to report it's a great improvement over the 650. The device is smaller in all dimensions. The screen is brighter and more crisp, the SD card slot is moved to a better location and the antenna is now internal so there's not annoying nub. Expected to ship by this holiday season at a more "competitive" price, the 680 will be available in 4 colors: graphite, copper, arctic and crimson.

Software improvements include a new phone user interface which includes 5 tabs on the main screen: dial (pictured right), favorites, wallpaper idle, address book and call log (all four pictured below, click to zoom). There's also better association of contacts and photos so you can see a picture of who's calling—something long time coming for Palm. The multimedia applications are also improved to better access and use pictures, video and music.

The Treo 680 will also come bundled with über handy Google Maps, an improved Blazer web browser and a selection of Email clients to chose from.

Check Engadget for live coverage of the press event here.


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