Dish and DU/ER’s Technologically-Minded “No Sweat” Pants

Understanding the brand's Nature2X fabric

Sponsored by DU/ER

After wearing our DU/ER‘s slim fit “No Sweat” pants for several weeks now, and experiencing just how comfortable and functional they are, we wanted to explore their proprietary fabric even further. The pants not only look great but also have ample stretch for more movability, softness for comfort, and—as the name suggests—plenty of breathability. This makes for a dynamic bottom that performs well if you’re …

Dish and Du/er’s No Sweat Pant

A proprietary fabric lends a dressy look but keeps things comfortable for all genders

DU/ER, a brand known for their performance denim, is unleashing a new proprietary fabric to the world and, with it, they’re aiming to tackle the sweatpants market. Launching today on Kickstarter, the NO SWEAT PANT (in three styles for men and two for women) is exactly that. It’s close enough in feel to sweatpants, but with a dressier look. This is the result of an …