Dish and Du/er’s No Sweat Pant

A proprietary fabric lends a dressy look but keeps things comfortable for all genders

DU/ER, a brand known for their performance denim, is unleashing a new proprietary fabric to the world and, with it, they’re aiming to tackle the sweatpants market. Launching today on Kickstarter, the NO SWEAT PANT (in three styles for men and two for women) is exactly that. It’s close enough in feel to sweatpants, but with a dressier look. This is the result of an in-house development known as Nature2X. This fiber, crafted from a Tencel weave derived from eucalyptus plants, blends with more traditional fabrics (cotton, polyester and spandex) resulting in a dynamic, multi-functional material. Altogether, however, it’s the comfortable fit, paired with a dress-up style, that makes these worth snagging.

After testing out the Five-Pocket Pant for a week, we know first-hand why their proprietary fabric matters. The one percent spandex lends a nice stretch, which is balanced out by the 19% polyester for shape retention. Cotton allows for breathability, but the Tencel does so much more. It’s anti-microbial—dodging scent and sweat. And it manages moisture within—helpful on rainy or humid days. All of this occurs while still feeling like a sweat pant. They’re comfortable, but based on their design aesthetic, nobody but the wearer ever need know that.

An early-bird contribution of $88 can land any of DU/ER’s No Sweat pant options, with delivery expected in February 2016.

Images courtesy of DU/ER