With 50 to 70 hours of burn time, the INCEPTION candle from Brooklyn-based candle brand yasaf, lit provides plenty of tranquil vibes. Made with palo santo and sage, the candle boasts calming and restorative attributes and is finished with notes of cypress. Featuring an eco-friendly wooden wick, this candle is vegan and cruelty-free.

Velvet Haze Perfume

One of BYREDO’s most transportive fragrances, Velvet Haze is a rich, musk-led scent that captivates. With notes of ambrette (also known as muskmallow, a medicinal plant), coconut water, patchouli, cacao absolute and various musks, the layered fragrance is warm and slightly earthy but with an ethereal appeal.

A Flower For You

Fiele Fragrance’s limited edition release A Flower For You pays homage to Ron Finley, a horticultural activist who aims to turn food deserts into food sanctuaries that overflow with high-quality produce and healthier eating options for locals. To reflect his harmonious connection to nature, the fragrance is rooted in earthy aromas (namely, sustainably sourced Hawaiian sandalwood and Atlas cedar) which are balanced by delicate notes …