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Sigil Scent’s Patrick Kelly Hand-Blends Sophisticated Fragrances

Perfumes that conveys the beauty of nature

Handmade in California, Sigil‘s scents are rich and complex without using artificial additives or encompassing fillers. The brand’s founder and alchemist, Patrick Kelly, relies on his own nose and his memory of scents to combine real ingredients until he’s happy with the final product. And, while many natural fragrances are muddled and overly earthy, Sigil’s are layered and delicate—they melt into the skin and resurface anew (for anywhere between five and 12 hours) while you wear them.

The desire to emphasize the beauty of plants and natural materials inspires Kelly’s efforts. From the certified organic alcohol base made using sugar cane to the flowers, plants, and herbs that are “gathered by hand away from the potentially harmful chemicals used to treat conventional crops,” the alchemy harkens back to Kelly’s trips through the high desert, wherein he would be “harvesting sage and chaparral” and “gardening with his grandmother,” according to the brand’s origin story. These stories are omnipresent in every scent that Kelly concocts.

From the brand’s current collection, Prima Materia and Anima Mundi ($120 each) are standouts. Both are on the darker and more robust side, are somewhat celestial and yield notes of neroli and white sage and hinoki, rose and jasmine respectively. The brand recommends modest sprays on the body’s most centered spots: the neck, wrists and chest. The formulas are concentrated, so a little goes quite a way.

Images by John von Pamer for Sigil


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