Pipe Party Workshop

Pipe Party is LA’s first pipe-making workshop from inclusive ceramic studio POT. Open to all skill levels, the class features step-by-step instructions on making and decorating pipes and all the necessary accomanying instruments. It’s a fun, creative way to celebrate cannabis—with the class being BYOB as well as BYOC.

A New Worm-Shaped Robot Can Unclog Pipes

GE Research recently unveiled the Pipe-worm, a long, soft-bodied robot that can clean and even repair pipes. Inspired by the movement of earthworms and the in-the-dark navigation of cockroaches, the Pipe-worm is an autonomous, flexible device. It uses air or oil pressure to expand and contract artificial muscles to generate movement. To know where to go (and even generate a map), two antennae bolstered by …

Leaf Pipe

Handmade by Toronto-based ceramic artist Julie Moon, this leaf-shaped pipe swirls with abstract patterns and subtle hues. Whether in use or on display, this pipe contributes a touch of whimsy.