Zootiliy Tools’ WildCard Wallet Knife

An ultra-light multifunctional credit card-sized gadget

One of the lightest and thinnest bladed-multitools available—at 1.1oz and 2.0mm thick—the WildCard offers more than a bottle-opener, ruler, prybar and a 2X slotted screwdriver. In fact, it’s a super-durable credit card-sized Fly Off Blade and it makes a traditional pocketknife look near-childish. A proprietary FlyOff pivot allows the blade to swing out easily from beneath its lock-protected sheath—and even detach for further convenience. The …

Deejo’s Ultralight Knives

Made in France, the lightest option starts at just 15 grams or two No. 2 pencils

From the downright beautiful to the purpose-built, a good knife is an essential part of anyone’s kit—whether camping in the bush or getting chores done around the house. France has a knack for producing some of the most celebrated blades, from the iconic Laguiole to sophisticated flatware. A relative newcomer to the French knife game is Paris-based Deejo, founded in 2010 by two friends looking …

Folding Pocket Knife

Entirely handmade by a single craftsman in Tuscany and bearing his initials, this exquisite pocket knife with a 2.9″ blade is made from 420 grade steel, rates 55-57 hardness and is complete with a cow bone handle.