Deejo’s Ultralight Knives

Made in France, the lightest option starts at just 15 grams or two No. 2 pencils


From the downright beautiful to the purpose-built, a good knife is an essential part of anyone’s kit—whether camping in the bush or getting chores done around the house. France has a knack for producing some of the most celebrated blades, from the iconic Laguiole to sophisticated flatware. A relative newcomer to the French knife game is Paris-based Deejo, founded in 2010 by two friends looking to revisit the concept of the pocket knife. Originally designed for hiking, Deejo’s lightweight design has garnered a widespread following for its simple aesthetic and dependable 420-grade stainless steel blade. The hardwood options start at 37 grams, while the mechanical grade plastic comes in at 27 grams. However, for the simplest treatment and lightest weight, check out the naked stainless steel, that starts at just 15 grams—about the weight of two No. 2 pencils.

Deejo knives start at just €19 and are available via Deejo’s webstore. For those looking for a more custom experience, design your own knife online, with choice of blade artwork, finish, handle and size.

Images courtesy of Deejo