Devon DeJardin’s “Giants” Exhibit Brings New Perspective to the Insurmountable

Immense and introspective portraits populate the fine artist's first solo show in NYC

Portland, Oregon-born Devon DeJardin started painting after a proposition from an alleged sugar daddy. The man, over Instagram messages, offered to pay DeJardin if he spoke with him over the phone—the artist reluctantly consented. “I know this might sound weird,” the man said to him, “but are you into spirituality?” Approaching the end of his four years of studying theology at university, DeJardin, now very …

The Only Woman

A compelling reflection on history and culture, The Only Woman by Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Immy Humes celebrates women in male-dominated fields while illustrating the absurdity (and perils) of tokenism. From 1860 to present day and across 20 countries, Humes spotlights pioneers and disruptors, re-contextualizing gender equality and paying tribute to famous and overlooked musicians, astronauts, railroad workers, sportspeople, politicians, activists and more.

Group Exhibit “Set It Off” Boldly Challenges History, Identity and Artistic Mediums

Six international women artists congregate in the Hamptons' Parrish Art Museum

The phrase “set it off” has two interpretations: to do something intensely in a major way or to interrupt and alter the status quo. In the Hamptons, the Parrish Art Museum‘s group exhibit of the same name realizes this idiom’s definition to its fullest extent. Put together by curator Racquel Chevremont and beloved artist Mickalene Thomas, collectively known as Deux Femmes Noires, Set It Off features …