Global Music Vault’s Mission to Preserve Music for 10,000 Years

This archival project stores data on Microsoft's new, silica glass platters

The 21st century is characterized by rapid musical innovation, from streaming thousands of songs online with a click of a button to storing albums on the cloud. Within all this progress, though, one element hasn’t advanced like the others: longevity. In comparison to hieroglyphs, which have endured nearly 5,00 years, music storage is ephemeral, beginning to deteriorate as early as five years on a hard …

Five Landscape Architects Propose Plans to Save Washington, DC’s National Mall Tidal Basin

Due to rising sea levels and increased foot traffic (some 1.5 million people walk the area during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival alone), the Tidal Basin of Washington, DC’s National Mall continues to sink. To construct a plan for the future, the National Trust for Historic Preservation along with the Trust for The National Mall and the National Park Service together established the Tidal Basin …

Gold Tone Pearl Earrings

All profits from the sale of these statement-making earrings go to Space For Giants, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the vast landscapes that elephants depend on for survival. These earrings feature genuine freshwater pearls and gold uneven orbs that appear almost liquid. Each pair is handmade in Leigh Miller’s Los Angeles studio.