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Fast Company: Cool Runnings

Cool hunters are more than just streetwise fad spotters. Here are three blogs from arbiters of cool that offer insights and inspiration for innovation. BLOG: Cool Hunting WHO WRITES IT: Josh Rubin, …

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Cargo: Color Coders

"ColorWare seems to have hit the market at just the right time," says Josh Rubin, creator and editor of the design Web site Cool Hunting (coolhunting.com)> Now that everyone has a cell …

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Outside Magazine: Customization

Whether you're after a one-off design for your new shoes or a pair of jeans, technological advances have made mass customization easier than ever. "Even big manufacturers like Nike are offering products …

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PR Week: Interview: Josh Rubin

Josh Rubin publishes the website Cool Hunting and provides consulting services that include design strategy, trend research and mobile marketing. He spoke to PRWeek.com about consumer-driven media, PR's role in it, and …

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Boston Globe: Design Blogs

Josh Rubin, the fellow behind www.Coolhunting.com, actually does live in New York, which retains its design-capital status even in the blogger age. He agrees with Pikus that a central effect of the …