Future Mapping Company Berlin

A detail-rich take on the modern map that is equal parts informative and decorative

Though maps began as utility-minded reference tools, they’ve always had artistic elements. From elaborate compass roses and sea monsters that lurk near remote coastlines to carefully selected color palettes, the aesthetics of maps sometimes even trump accuracy. We’ve been following Future Mapping Company since the East London outfit’s early days and are continually impressed by their ability to pack information beautifully into an expertly executed …

Leather Luggage Tag

Leather Luggage Tag by Nat Boyd

Created by two transcontinental friends who spent ten years mastering the fine art of printing onto leather, this calfskin luggage tag with wicker pattern perfectly complements your favorite suitcase and will truly make it your own.


A unique, tattoo-like process prints images on wood while preserving the natural grain

The concept of printing images on unconventional materials—be it food or fabric—has been around for years. Yet rarely do the results do the original image justice. California-based WoodSnap aims to prove wood is an answer with their 10-step tattoo-like printing process. By embedding the ink directly into the wood, the ply’s natural grain is still very much visible, creating a clear image that’s both washed …