LELO’s Reinvented Condom: HEX

A new hexagonally structured composition dodges slipping and breaks while allowing for ultimate pleasure

Sponsored by LELO

We are all, by now, acutely aware of the benefits of condoms—offering protection from STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Despite all the research and wisdom gained regarding sexual health, the last 70 years have seen few advancements in condom technology—until now. Swedish pleasure object specialists LELO have revisited condom design with their brand new HEX condom, an innovative hexagonal design that defies slips and breakage while …

Martone Cycling Helmet

Urban cycling brand Martone presents a cherry-red helmet in the spirit of equestrian riders. Function meets form in the simple, protective piece designed for urban commuters.

Quick Dry Body Spray SPF 40

MDSolarSciences’ Quick Dry Body Spray lives up to its name. This non-greasy, SPF 40 sunscreen is easily applied with a few simple pumps, leaving skin feeling smooth and ultimately protected from harmful UV rays (even when in the water). The 5-ounce bottle is ideal for hiking trips, picnics or a little time spent poolside.