The Door Amulet

Made in collaboration with Luis Alberto, The Door Amulet from Sage & Salt uses the evil eye symbol to bless the home and all who enter. Handcrafted with inlaid quartz, lapis and obsidian, the brass amulet is delicate, mystical decor and a way to thoughtfully set intentions for a space.

Using Lasers to Direct Lightning Strikes

For the first time ever, scientists have redirected the path of lightning bolts with lasers. During a demonstration atop Switzerland’s Säntis mountain, researchers fired rapid laser pulses at thunderclouds for more than six hours and observed lasers diverting four different lightning strikes. One was filmed in clear enough conditions to demonstrate how the bolt steered the path of the laser for around 50 meters. A laser …

LELO’s Reinvented Condom: HEX

A new hexagonally structured composition dodges slipping and breaks while allowing for ultimate pleasure

Sponsored by LELO

We are all, by now, acutely aware of the benefits of condoms—offering protection from STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Despite all the research and wisdom gained regarding sexual health, the last 70 years have seen few advancements in condom technology—until now. Swedish pleasure object specialists LELO have revisited condom design with their brand new HEX condom, an innovative hexagonal design that defies slips and breakage while …