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Woodchuck Tribal Edition Cases

Sustainable wooden parquetry cases for phone-droppers


Woodchuck has already made waves in the tech case industry with its wooden skins for phones, tablets, laptops and headphones, but this is their first go at something more sturdy. The new Tribal Edition Cases in the Adventure Series offer more iPhone protection than their wooden stick-on skins, but do so without compromising the sleek wooden look.

The design team had been experimenting with gridded wood when the idea for the tribal pattern came about. Kevin Groenjes—Vice President at Woodchuck—explains, “We chose to go with the full case because our fans have asked for something more protective, and we are able to extend the design to the sides of the phone cases, whereas with the skin, we’re limited to just the front and the back.” The precision of the hand-placed wood on the back and sides of this case is really what makes it special.


Tribal Edition Cases are perfect for sustainably-minded buyers willing to pay for quality materials—the case is made in the USA entirely of reconstituted wood and recycled plastic. In production, the team laser-cuts into three different types of wood to create the tribal-like parquetry, and then hand places the wood pieces into the restyled plastic to complete the case. The craftsmanship is flawless in appearance and the case feels really sturdy.

The cases are available for iPhone 5 from Woodchuck’s online shop for $60.

Studio image by Lauren Espeseth, wood image courtesy of Woodchuck


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