Boeing’s MQ-25 Unmanned Tanker Drone Prototype

From Phantom Works—Boeing’s more-or-less secret design division—comes an entry for the US Navy’s MQ-25 Stingray unmanned tanker initiative, which tasked aviation companies with drone development. Boeing’s prototype is functional, though it hasn’t flown yet. There are planned engine test runs—on the ground—and deck handling demonstrations for early 2018. Boeing’s design does have some extraordinary stealth-enabling features, though it wasn’t not designed with that at the …

Lexus Unveils a Working Hoverboard

The latest 'Amazing in Motion' endeavor swaps rubber wheels for magnetic levitation

Unlike the internet-trolling hoverboard announcements of the past, luxury car company Lexus has created the real floating deal to finally make our dreams come true. As part of their “Amazing in Motion” campaign—which aims to demonstrate the brand’s innovative aptitude through a series of groundbreaking pursuits—Lexus partnered with leading minds in superconductive technology to develop the world’s most advanced hoverboard to date. Similar to the …

Macintosh-Inspired Mac

Taking cues from the very first Macintosh computer, German tech site Curved/labs came out with a sleek new design concept for the next Apple iMac. Up front, the new design is heavily influenced by the iMac’s ancestor with the screen, memory card slot and logo placement almost identical, while a side profile view reveals a sleek, slim frame resembling a bent sheet of metal.