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Memories preserved in the physical form by UK design grad Greg Smith


Commemoration, a range of poetic capsules designed by recent Kingston University grad Greg Smith, preserves nostalgia in a tangible realm. Smith’s elegantly crafted airtight vessels “preserve traces of personal scents to trigger memories” after a person has passed away. The secular series not only allows for greater personal sentiment, but it also puts a modern spin on conventional rituals like keeping cremated ashes in an urn.

commemoration-gregsmith2.jpg commemoration-gregsmith3.jpg commemoration-gregsmith4.jpg

Included in the trio are a glass-domed hairbrush, a breathing device for clothing and a DNA capturer. The dome and breathing device speak to unique olfactory perceptions while the DNA vessel channels optimism for the future. Smith’s prototypal design allows the DNA to be captured without contamination, which is then decrypted and given to the customer in hopes that one day they would be able to genetically reconstruct their loved one.

For more insight on Commemoration, have a look at Smith’s video.


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