Mojo’s Gummies Harness the Power of Microdosing for Everyday Use

The world's first legal microdose alternative now comes in a micro and macro form

While magic mushrooms do open a doorway to a psychedelic world, many people take them in order to enter the elusive flow state: a period of feeling present, creative, clear-headed and energized. This is commonly achieved through microdosing, but now there is a new way to feel these effects without psilocybin. Mojo, a product from Gwella (an organization dedicated to exploring mushrooms), is the world’s …

Toro y Moi on His Multi-Faceted Project “Mahal”

We speak to the multi-hyphenate about his psych-rock album's intricate details and making the accompanying short film

Chaz Bear—aka recording artist Toro y Moi—has always been something of a shapeshifter. From the mellow synth-pop in his 2010 debut album, Causers Of This, to the lush and instrumental indie-rock on What For? to the house-inflected, psych-pop of Outer Peace, the multi-hyphenate artist dips into a mélange of genres and sounds, making each one uniquely his own. Mahal, Bear’s seventh studio album, is no exception; it …

Shroom Garden Cashmere Sweater

Knitted in The Elder Statesman’s LA studio, this 100% mid-weight cashmere sweater combines classic craftsmanship and luxury with a contemporary design. With ribbed neck and cuffs, and a relaxed silhouette, the Shroom Garden sweater captures the vibrancy of hallucinogenics contrasted on a neutral, cream base.