BioLite PowerLight Mini

A tiny clippable lantern that doubles as a battery-charger

BioLite became leaders in the cooking and charging market thanks to their nifty wood burning CampStove (with portable grill) that generates electricity. For 2016, they now offer a lighter, battery-powered version called the CookStove for those who want an easy-to-start campfire but don’t need the added perk of device-charging. Also new is the PowerLight Mini, a rechargeable light that fits in your palm and has …

Bookman Curve Front Bike Light

Peripheral visibility on the road in a stylish, rechargeable easy-to-mount light

Founded by a group of friends drawn together by a pure passion for cycling, Stockholm-based Bookman has become a key player in the bike accessories market since their first products hit shelves three years ago. From sleek, utility-focused USB-rechargeable lights to making the morning pedal-powered commute that much sweeter with a handlebar-mounted cupholder, the brand balances simplicity with playful, lighthearted design. Their latest offering, the …

The Ricky Bag with Light

Ralph Lauren brings their classic Ricky Bag into the future with the addition of four discreet LED lights (which activate when it’s opened) and an integrated USB port to charge your phone on the go. This bag, and its Bentley-like features, are the epitome of modern luxury.