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BioLite PowerLight Mini

A tiny clippable lantern that doubles as a battery-charger

BioLite became leaders in the cooking and charging market thanks to their nifty wood burning CampStove (with portable grill) that generates electricity. For 2016, they now offer a lighter, battery-powered version called the CookStove for those who want an easy-to-start campfire but don’t need the added perk of device-charging.

Also new is the PowerLight Mini, a rechargeable light that fits in your palm and has a useful wire clip that allows you to hold it hands-free, hang it or stand it up. There are four light modes and, on red night vision mode, it transforms into a bike taillight (mount is included). The light also functions as a power source (USB out), but will only be able to charge your phone up to 50%. We like how un-clunky the compact design is, allowing for more uses beyond the campsite as a utility light—even recommending it to a friend who’s been relying on the iPhone Flashlight app to dig through vinyl records while DJing. The PowerLight Mini is currently out of stock on BioLite’s webshop, but two of the colorways are available from REI for $50.

Images courtesy of BioLite


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