Made from 100% recycled fabrics and materials, Dog Ear’s pet toys are each entirely unique and crafted by hand. Founded by Lu Williams and Emma Edmondson during the beginning of the pandemic, the brand aims to not only encourage dog owners to enjoy being outside with their pooches, but also to combine “contemporary art publishing and sculptural dog toys.” Available in three sizes, every ball …

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Translating whale sounds, embracing the ocean as a garden, and two carbon emission developments this week

Spanish Chef Ángel León Wants Us To View The Sea as a Garden Known in Spain as “el chef del mar” or “the chef of the sea,” Ángel León had encountered the seagrass known as Zostera marina countless times during his life, but in 2017 (the same year he won his third Michelin star at his restaurant, Aponiente), he decided to look at how it …

Raw Recycled Plastic Denim Trucker Jacket

Cut and sewn in NYC, this NICOLE ZÏZI STUDIO jacket resembles the classic boxy denim trucker, but is crafted from 19% recycled PET and 81% cotton. Bright blue buttons also add contemporary flair. Each jacket is made to order by employees who are paid a fair wage to work in safe spaces. It’s available from XS to XXL and intended for wear by all genders.