Atelier & Repairs and Candiani Denim’s Sustainable Collaboration

Luxury denim that employs eco-friendly materials and processes

While denim is a favorite fabric of millions of consumers, it comes at quite the cost for our environment. Between the raw cotton material, dye, wash supplies and water, jeans (and all denim apparel) take a sizable amount of material to create, but that material can rarely be reused. Think of how long some vintage jeans have been kept.

And while quality is always of utmost importance, reusability and environmental-friendliness are critical. With that in mind, CH-favorite upcycled apparel brand Atelier & Repairs and Candiani Denim (which was founded in 1938) produced a collection made using regenerated, recycled and innovative materials. The collection employs “Re-Gen” fabric (a blend of 50% recycled cellulose fibers and 50% recycled cotton from their Milan mill) in seven different silhouettes—all of which went through innovative dye and wash techniques that use 30% less energy, 50% less water and 70% fewer chemicals.

The collection is proof that brands won’t do themselves a disservice by converting to more sustainable materials and processes. In fact, we’re at a point that sustainability is an enhancement, not a compromise.

Both A&R and Candiani are known for the quality of their garments and these are no different. Including a blazer, military-style coveralls and more, the collection is available now on Atelier & Repair‘s website and select retailers.

Images courtesy Atelier & Repairs