Seder Plate

Faith-forward design brand Judaica Standard Time tapped Japanese Brazilian artist Danielle Yukari to create a charming stoneware Seder plate, complete with two small dishes. Limited to an edition of 10, the piece honors tradition with hand-painted markings denoting the six symbolic foods, but it’s been given a modern twist with pops of color and textured material for year-round use.

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Climate reparations, repatriated artifacts, a decommissioned hydroelectric power plant and more

Elevated Access Provides Private Planes for People Seeking Abortions Founded before the fall of Roe v Wade, Elevated Access is a non-profit network of pilots who donate their time, resources, planes and skills to transport people seeking abortions or gender-affirming care to states where it is legal to do so. In many cases, people do not have the money or time to make it to …

Documentary “1946” Alleges The Word Homosexual Is in the Bible by Mistake

1946: The Mistranslation That Shifted Culture, a new journalistic documentary by director Sharon “Rocky” Roggio, premieres this week at the DOC NYC festival. Within the film, a series of experts explain that the first inclusion of the word “homosexual” in the Bible—which happened in a 1946 update—was actually a mistranslation and the committee of translators behind the update not only recognized it, but attempted to …