Remi Wolf feat. Dominic Fike: Photo ID

A few tweaks and work from Dominic Fike create the remix of Remi Wolf’s 2020 track, “Photo ID,” which appeared on I’m Allergic To Dogs!. Energetic and infectious, the song premiered with a Florida Man-directed music video depicting Wolf in a disco ball helmet, Fike getting acupuncture in his head  and, as the song swirls into a distorted breakdown, the duo dancing in matching hats.

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Steady Sun: Truth is a Needle New York-based band Steady Sun’s sonically rich, retro-tinged single, “Truth is a Needle,” provides plenty of psychedelic elements and the Slack Barrett-directed video was designed to match. Floating from your sound system “like lysergic vapor” (record label Daptone Records writes), the song enthralls listeners with its many layers. Simultaneously something to delve into or zone out to, “Truth is …

Braids: Young Buck (DJ Python Remix)

It’s been a decade since Braids tantalized with their debut record, Native Speaker, and one year since we fell for the Montreal-based band’s electric ode to attraction, “Young Buck.” Today, they return with the hypnotic “Young Buck (DJ Python Remix)” and its steamy music video directed by Kevin Calero. Lead vocalist Raphaelle Standell-Preston dances herself through the visuals, surrounded by a choreography that heightens the …