My Mediterranean Vintage Hammock Float

Contemporary artist Daimon Downey’s geometric and seashell-filled artwork lines either end of this vintage-style SUNNYLiFE float, evoking images of dreamy European summers. The hammock shape doubles as a floating lounge (when used lengthwise) or submerged chair (when sitting in the middle). It features inflated pillows on either end, as well as cotton-backed PVC, ensuring it is as comfortable as it is retro.

Young Hearted Apparel

The Atlanta brand launches with playfully designed socks, inspired by '90s pop culture and made in America

Even with the influx of new men’s basics brands in recent years, there still seems to be a gap in the market for fledging adults not quite ready to settle into life in solid stripes or basic patterns. In an effort to deliver a wealth of creative sock designs to such a group of youthful individuals, designer Kyle Green of Atlanta, Georgia founded Young Hearted …

Smith Optics Archive Collection

Almost 50 years after making goggle history, the optics powerhouse releases reissues of its greatest hits

In 1965 Robert Smith—an orthodontist by day and hardcore skier whenever he could get out of the office—changed the goggle game forever when he invented the first double-paned, foam-insulated lens. His new lens protected the inner layer from cold and resulted in a fog-free day on the mountain no matter the temperature changes. Since that dental tool-assisted innovation almost 50 years ago, Smith Optics continues …