Young Hearted Apparel

The Atlanta brand launches with playfully designed socks, inspired by '90s pop culture and made in America


Even with the influx of new men’s basics brands in recent years, there still seems to be a gap in the market for fledging adults not quite ready to settle into life in solid stripes or basic patterns. In an effort to deliver a wealth of creative sock designs to such a group of youthful individuals, designer Kyle Green of Atlanta, Georgia founded Young Hearted Apparel, launching today on Kickstarter. From designs inspired by sea life and pop art to seminal ’90s television shows like Saved By The Bell and Land Before Time, the extensive collection of socks is anything but basic. And, if the playful designs aren’t enough to grab your attention, Green has partnered with the same American manufacturer that makes official MLB socks, making Young Hearted Apparel’s socks as functional as they are entertaining.

Young-Hearted-Apparel-Under-Sea.jpg Young-Hearted-Apparel-Take-Flight.jpg

Each sock is made of athletic grade Dri-fit fabric (known for its moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties) using 251 needle count jacquard knitting machines, which allows even the most intricate designs to be knit directly into the sock, rather than printed on top—a lesser technique that causes graphic distortion when worn. Additionally, each sock footbed is reinforced to reduce friction and prevent blisters.

Young Hearted Apparel also aims to make a small selection of graphic-driven clothing to supplement the sock line, though the socks are strong enough to survive on their own. Secure a pair in the design of your choosing with a campaign pledge of $13 through Kickstarter. For more on the brand, visit Young Hearted Apparel online.