CRAVE’s New Vibrator Necklace, the Vesper 2

A new addition to the line of seductive necklaces that double as pleasure objects

When San Fransisco pleasure object innovators CRAVE—helmed by Ti Chang and Michael Topolovac—launched Vesper, their first vibrator necklace back in 2014, it quickly became a bold proclamation for self-love, wellness and sex-positivity. The necklace and clitoral stimulator empowered people to decouple shame from pleasure and embrace their self wholeheartedly. Merging impressive functionality with a sleek, mysterious aesthetic, Vesper is a masterclass in inspiring design and …

The One and Only Towel

Paris-based independent apparel brand Carne Bollente’s sex positive ethos manifests once again in their delightfully suggestive One and Only Towel. Through artist Mike Wilcox’s vivid, bright hues depicting different labia, the towel is a plush and bold celebration of vulvas.

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Photographing the Milky Way, using lava as a building material, studying alien signals and more from around the web

New Study Sheds Light on 45-Year-Old Alien Signal Mystery On 15 August 1977 at 10:16PM EST, Ohio State University’s Big Ear radio telescope scanned the Sagittarius constellation and detected a signal that was 20 times stronger than average, background emissions. When astronomer Jerry Ehman reviewed the findings the next morning, he wrote “Wow!” next to it, unknowingly naming the signal and its subsequent mystery. Since …