CRAVE’s New Collection Merges Sex Positivity and Jewelry

From necklaces that double as pleasure objects to the world’s first crowd-funded vibrator, CRAVE creates luxury products that champion erotic pleasure and self-expression. The company continues this ethos with their ICON and ID Cuffs, funding on Kickstarter now. Part bracelet and part handcuff, these pieces are a subtle yet stylish way to embrace pleasure. The ICON, made with genuine leather straps and stainless steel hardware, can be worn stacked together as a statement bracelet or on either wrist as a restraint, transitioning easily between public and private. The ID Cuffs, on the other hand, are silicone strap bracelets connected by a stainless steel chain that focuses on self-empowerment. Either cuff continues CRAVE’s mission to change how desire is expressed and accepted. Learn more, and secure yours, at Kickstarter.

Image courtesy of CRAVE