Leather Baseball

Constructed from waxed linen thread and premium leather, this lovely handmade baseball comes adorned subtlety with Shinola’s logo. Made in accurate MLB dimensions (courtesy of manufacturer Leather Head Sports in Glen Rock, NJ) the ball maintains a similar feel to those used in professional games, and will be ideal for pick-up games or on display at home.

Shinola’s Lower Cost, Limited Edition Detrola Collection

Seven charismatic styles that reinforce the mission of the Detroit brand

Shinola‘s new Detrola collection successfully indulges the brand’s playful side. From bright, charismatic colorways to premium but sometimes unexpected materials, the seven-piece series comprises modern, personality-driven watches. Inside, the timepieces feature a Detroit-built Argonite 705 Quartz movement (visible through the exposition caseback on some models). Outside, a high-grade TR90 resin case pairs with K1 scratch-resistant mineral crystal and flexible silicone straps. The latter is lightweight, …

Leather-Covered Bike Chain

Measuring just under three meters long, Map of Days and Shinola’s leather-wrapped chain bike lock is stylish and protective. The Horween Essex leather shields the heavy-duty chain within, and protects a bike’s paint job in the process. Further, the hefty, almost industrial-sized padlock is an upgrade for both safety and aesthetic purposes.