Downtown Detroit’s Bedrock + Shinola Hotel

A first-ever boutique hotel from the lifestyle brand and real estate firm

2011 was a very important developmental year for Detroit. It was then that full-service real estate firm Bedrock began taking tremendous steps toward revitalizing the city. At the same time, Detroit-based lifestyle brand Shinola was founded and began ramping up production in the Motor City—and sending a message around the globe about the importance of Detroit- and American-made products. Five years later, Bedrock and Shinola have announced a collaborative project that will once again impact their hometown for the better: The Shinola Hotel. Set among the revitalized shopping areas of downtown Detroit, the hotel will feature 130+ rooms rooms and offer an open-to-the-public, street-level lobby which they hope will become a destination itself—for locals and tourists.

The hotel compound will be constructed from several presently vacant buildings—many of which are historic—and a new build. The decor will be Detroit-inspired and helmed by Gachot Studios, while the architectural firm is Detroit’s Kraemer Design Group. Altogether, it will be a new “lifestyle concept” hotel for the city, employing elements of both brands—including Shinola’s design aesthetic. And, its proposed audience isn’t just tourists or business travelers, but also locals—they want to do right by the people who love the city best.

It’s not about Bedrock or Shinola, it’s about Detroit; it’s about like-minded groups coming together to build something special for the community to enjoy

“Shinola’s brand and the experience you get in every single one of their stores is about the craftsmanship of the product and a certain service level,” Bedrock’s EVP Dan Mullen explains to CH on why this makes for an ideal partnership. “Taking that brand and translating it to a hotel experience is why we’re doing this. To build a destination with great experiences on Woodward Ave.” The city itself has acted as a motivating factor for both organizations. Mullen continues, “People are working together to build great opportunities for Detroit. It’s not about Bedrock or Shinola, it’s about Detroit. It’s about like-minded groups coming together to build something special for the community to enjoy.” Together, these like-minded people already have a knack for revitalizing areas of Detroit. This hotel sounds like the next great step.

The Shinola Hotel is expected to open in Fall 2018 at 1400 Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit.

Images courtesy of Bedrock