CES 2021 Highlights: Products That Heighten the At-Home Experience

Products that aim to improve life inside

The 2021 iteration of the annual Consumer Electronics Show takes place online (fittingly) in a hub referred to as the “digital venue.” Much like us, presenters are positioned in their home offices, at a seat in a spare bedroom, or on the couch, with the camera angled so others can’t tell. Roving the aisles in search of tech-embedded treasures and oddities proves more difficult this …

Red Cotton-Terry Robe

No matter what kind of day you’ve had—or are about to have—this classy cotton-terry robe has some mood-transforming powers. Founded by Perth-based female architects, newly-launched Cleverly Laundry is building a reputation for its passion for quality, water-wicking textiles. This piece is made in the Guimarães region of northern Portugal and will last longer than your current apartment.

Jill Platner + Waterworks’ Isla Collection

The NYC jewelry designer and sculptor injects tactile elegance to the bathroom

Our 2010 studio visit (video below) with NYC-based jewelry designer Jill Platner revealed a genial spirit who looked most comfortable when forming and playing with her materials of choice: silver and gold. Though metal can sometimes give off a cold, pristine feeling, Platner’s expertise has been in creating accessories and sculptures that desire to be touched and held, almost like an extension of the body. …