Kohler Moxie Rainhead and Wireless Speaker

The combination showerhead and portable bluetooth speaker lets you stream music in the shower and beyond


Initially introduced in 2013, the Moxie from Kohler combines a traditional shower-head and wireless speaker. Now, to make the experience even better, Kohler recently introduced the Moxie Rainhead, a larger version boasting an eight inch surface diameter with 80 nozzles using air-induction technology to create a precise combination of air and water for optimal water dispersion. The Rainhead is impressive addition to the Moxie system. With seven hours of run time, the water-resistant wireless speaker can sync with devices from up to 32 feet away—meaning you can turn on your favorite tunes while still in bed, before jumping in the shower.

kohler-moxie-inlay.jpg kohler-moxie-alone.jpg

The magnetic speaker is also removable, for easy charging and is great for siblings, friends or roommates who share a bathroom. Even when unattached, the speaker still works seamlessly, making it able to travel with you from room to room after your shower has concluded.

The Moxie Rainhead with wireless speaker is now available for $299—a reasonable price considering it’s two useful products in one—visit Kohler for more information.

Images courtesy of Kohler