Brandon: Weep

From Riverside, California-based singer-songwriter and producer Brandon, the new track “Weep” delivers a narrative of disconnect and vulnerability through soulful, stacked vocals. Brandon wrote the track during shelter-in-place orders and its balance of raw emotion and soothing harmonies feel timely. The single comes with an intimate music video, directed by Justin Segura, that hones in on Brandon as a compelling performer.

Interview: Recording Artist Ezra Furman

Surveying the sound of the indie singer-songwriter, from a Bandcamp release to the Sex Education soundtrack

With the recently released Bandcamp-exclusive album To Them We’ll Always Be Freaks, literary rocker Ezra Furman shares rarities and “reject recordings” from behind the scenes of 2018’s urgent, erudite and experimental LP, Transangelic Exodus. A lot has happened between those releases: a catchy, substantive soundtrack for the hit Netflix series Sex Education, the boisterous brilliance of 2019’s Twelve Nudes, and the release of a book on Lou Reed’s iconic album Transformer, …

Betty Wright: Clean Up Woman

Talented soul, funk and R&B singer Betty Wright (born Bessie Regina Norris) has passed away at 66 years old. Perhaps not a household name, Wright’s influence stretched further than many might realize. Releasing her first album, My First Time Around (1968), at just 14 years old, she went on to make her breakout funk hit “Clean Up Woman” three years later. That song and many …