Leblon Delienne “Heart” Snoopy Figurine

Cast in Bamford London’s signature matte black and aqua blue colorway, this bespoke, resin “Heart” Snoopy figurine furthers the brand’s relationship with the iconic Peanuts character (after the “Joe Cool” release in 2021). Like the first iteration, this accessory, which stands at 27 cm, is limited to 48 pieces and crafted in France by the Leblon Delienne sculpture workshop. But unlike the first, this aptly endearing take …

Welton “Snoopy” Watch

The sunburst silver-tone dial and stainless steel case of the latest Timex Welton wristwatch make the perfect backdrop for a charming illustration of Snoopy. The beloved character’s arms—carrying a baseball and bat—double for watch hands. Between the vintage-looking leather strap, reasonable 40mm case size and bright numerals, it’s more than a nod to Peanuts nostalgia; it’s a well-designed but playful timepiece.

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1. Hawaii Bans Common Sunscreens to Save Coral Reefs In a few years, the majority of common sunscreens available on the market will be banned in Hawaii in an effort to save their coral reefs. These sunscreens contain oxybenzone or octinoxate—both ingredients that make coral more vulnerable. As Mother Jones explains, oxybenzone “deforms coral cells, damages their DNA, and, most disturbing of all, disrupts coral …