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Snow Peak

Soft Cooler 18


From heritage Japanese brand Snow Peak (founded in 1958 by Yukio Yamai), the Soft Cooler 18 keeps food and drinks cold but also provides portability. With insulated walls, an outer layer that …

Snow Peak

Citronella Candle in Backpacker Cup


For winter 2022, Snow Peak collaborated with Maak Lab—a Portland, Oregon-based apothecary company—on this limited edition citronella candle, conveniently held within a cup. The fragrance boasts notes of hiba cedarwood, black pepper …

Snow Peak

Soft 18 Cooler


Snow Peak’s soft, PVC-coated cooler brings a quiet sophistication to outdoor gear. Its neutral color palette and minimalist aesthetic combine with adjustable straps and an insulated rubber lining to make for a …

Snow Peak

Outdoor Kimono HAORI


Designed in Japan, this kimono comes features a traditional, hip-length silhouette, but is extra durable and warm thanks to its 100% polyester POLARTEC® 300 make-up. The kimono—because of the technology at play …

Snow Peak + TDS New Balance

Tokyo Design Studio R_C4


The highly anticipated capsule collection by Snow Peak + Tokyo Design Studio New Balance includes just five products, each of which serves a very practical function. Our pick, the Tokyo Design Studio …

Snow Peak

Take! Bamboo Chair


Made in Japan, Snow Peak’s Take! chair is a six-pound, collapsible seat that’s easy to transport on all your summer adventures. Constructed from laminated bamboo and aluminum, it’s lightweight but still sturdy—and …

Field Barista Coffee Grinder


One of the latest additions to Snow Peak’s portable Field Barista Kit, this high quality coffee grinder takes its queues from professional grade equipment. Made in Japan from stainless steel and iron, …

Pack + Carry Fireplace


Whether you’re looking to grill or simply enjoy the flicker of fire at dusk and beyond, Snow Peak’s 11-pound stainless steel pack-and-carry fireplace makes for a safe place to whip of a …