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Snow Peak’s New Portland Flagship Store Goes Beyond Retail

We look inside the brand’s new community space ahead of its opening weekend

Renowned Japanese outdoor brand, Snow Peak, brings more soul than ever to their new headquarters—HQ4. Nestled on Portland, Oregon’s lively NW 23rd Ave, the space houses their North American team, a showroom, a large curation of goods and a restaurant. Though these are all things that could catch your eye while passing the semi-transparent building, it’s when you step into the space that guests feel a much more emotional experience. This is no coincidence. During its construction Snow Peak collaborated with Elemental, Skylab Architecture, Portland Garment Factory, Tireman Studio and Stageplan, Inc, to create an intriguing earth-to-sky design language that celebrates the camaraderie of those who enjoy the great outdoors. 

On the ground floor is HQ4’s retail space, which has been saturated with earthy tones and textures to evoke feelings that you might otherwise experience while putting their products to use. Complementing this idea is an abundance of upcycled wooden scaffolding which spans the interior to reference traditional Japanese design while creating a cohesive blend between both floors.

On the upstairs to the lighter, brighter second level is the entrance to Takibi—Snow Peak’s restaurant concept. “Takibi” translates to bonfire, which for Snow Peak captures the essence it hopes to provide its guests: spending time together. Is there a back of house in the outdoors? No. Is there a front of house? No. Same goes for Takibi. A large soapstone slab sits to one side of the room where flavorful and pleasantly smokey dishes are prepared, thus bringing the chef and guest together. Takibi’s strategy gives its guests the opportunity to experience some of Snow Peak’s products in an entirely new and delicious way. To enhance the experience, cocktails have been chosen and crafted with guidance from acclaimed bartender, Jim Meehan. Takibi will be opening in Spring 2021, however that shouldn’t discourage guests from dropping by the outdoor patio. 

Once on the second floor, guests will find an installation done with Portland Garment Factory to give the feeling of ascension into the clouds. Once on the second level, that feeling is preserved with plenty of open space, glass doors and a sky bridge. Here is where HQ4’s offices can be found as well as a showroom for larger product displays.

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Although HQ4 is a new space for the public, by design it feels undoubtedly authentic and familiar. In the words of Snow Peak’s CFO, “It’s not really an athletic brand. It’s a gathering brand”. He couldn’t be more accurate.

Exterior image courtesy of Snow Peak, all other images by Sam Selis


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