Two New Camp Stoves from Snow Peak

Cook in the great outdoors with these lightweight, simple stoves from the Japanese outdoor brand


Spending time outside is always made a little better with a few comforts from home. A hot meal and a fresh cup of coffee at the base of a climb or deep in the wilderness is a welcomed luxury. Japanese outdoor brand Snow Peak has two new compact and thoughtfully designed camp stoves for a reliable, consistent flame. With a focus on minimizing weight while maximizing stability, the GeoShield Stove and BiPod Stove present simple, effective solutions to cooking in the great outdoors.


Weighing in at 408 grams (without fuel) the GeoShield Stove is the larger of the two stoves. A foldable windscreen surrounds the flame for cooking in harsh environments. Specially placed perforations in the screen ensure that adequate oxygen flows to the flame for peak temperatures. Meanwhile the BiPod Stove tips the scales at just 216 grams and is focused on portability and quick set-up. The stainless steel stove sets up in seconds and despite it’s compact size, is suitable for cooking with larger pots. Each stove is graded to boil a liter of water in under three minutes and 35 seconds, so you’ll be sipping your morning coffee in no time.

Both stoves are available today, 21 April 2015, from Snow Peak. The wind-resistant GeoShield Stove sells for $100, while the BiPod Stove is priced at $90.

Images courtesy of Snow Peak