Celia Hollander: 5:59PM

LA-based multidisciplinary artist Celia Hollander works within various mediums (from performance to installation and text) and her ambient track “5:59PM” teases to a forthcoming debut album Timekeeper. Blending elements of electro and acoustic, the otherworldly soundscape takes listeners on a tranquil trip.

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French rap, rich psychedelia, laidback beats, a dazzling remix and more in our weekly music round-up

Steady Sun: Truth is a Needle New York-based band Steady Sun’s sonically rich, retro-tinged single, “Truth is a Needle,” provides plenty of psychedelic elements and the Slack Barrett-directed video was designed to match. Floating from your sound system “like lysergic vapor” (record label Daptone Records writes), the song enthralls listeners with its many layers. Simultaneously something to delve into or zone out to, “Truth is …

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Classic hip-hop, experimental soundscapes, sample-heavy tunes and more in our musical round-up

Rapsody: Ibtihaj Named for Ibtihaj Muhammad (the first American to wear a hijab when competing for the USA in the Olympics), new single “Ibtihaj,” from North Carolina rapper Rapsody, heavily samples GZA’s “Liquid Swords” and also features the Wu Tang member. Unlike the 1995 track, this release includes the immediately recognizable vocals of D’Angelo. The infectious groove will appear on Rapsody’s upcoming album EVE, which …