Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

Mukti’s Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 ($54) provides near-instant absorption; perfect for reapplication during the day. Made with aloe vera, desert lime, green tea, jojoba, kakadu plum, rosehip and more, the ingredients are all-natural and clean. The lightweight formula leaves skin feeling moisturized but not greasy, and it’s unscented.

Spring + Summer Hiking Essentials

From hats to sports bras and even edibles, our favorite items for walking in the woods

The weather in the Northern Hemisphere keeps getting more and more conducive to outdoor adventures, and one of our favorites is the humble hike. A wander through nature can be a very grounding experience, and often requires few products or planning—depending on just how intense the trail of choice is. That said, there are a few items essential for a pleasant, safe walk in the …

Perso, an AI-Assisted Makeup Station by L’Oréal

Hyper-personalized lip, skin, and foundation suggestions that reduce packaging

The benefits of using L’Oréal’s Perso station are two-fold. First, the seven-inch-tall device can customize lipstick, foundation and skincare treatments for specific wearers. Second, because it relies on three cartridges with seemingly endless final forms, it drastically reduces packaging and product waste. Traditionally, if one were to desire a specific shade of red lipstick, color-matching would require buying a new product encased in new packaging. …