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Perso, an AI-Assisted Makeup Station by L’Oréal

Hyper-personalized lip, skin, and foundation suggestions that reduce packaging

The benefits of using L’Oréal’s Perso station are two-fold. First, the seven-inch-tall device can customize lipstick, foundation and skincare treatments for specific wearers. Second, because it relies on three cartridges with seemingly endless final forms, it drastically reduces packaging and product waste. Traditionally, if one were to desire a specific shade of red lipstick, color-matching would require buying a new product encased in new packaging. Perso, on the other hand, uses its pre-existing product cartridges to replicate the color.

Inside the Perso app users take three photos of their face and ModiFace technology employs AI to detect age spots, dark blemishes, sun damage and more. Then the user selects their desired solution’s texture and intent—whether it be a heavier serum for reducing wrinkles, a combination of moisturizer and SPF, or merely a lighter, more all-encompassing lotion that emphasizes overall skin health. Finally, the potion is created using the cartridges within and dispensed on top.

While Perso can detect skin issues and ailments after they’ve surfaced, it also aims to provide preventative and predictive assistance to wearers. Using your location, and other specific geographic data, Perso can make decisions based upon weather, temperature, pollen levels, UV index and humidity. Your dispensed products could be particularly suited for dry or rainy conditions or to more intense sun exposure. Plus, as Perso accrues more and more progressive facial scans, it can be better and quicker with its recommendations, taking into account changes over time and how your skin has reacted to previous treatments.

Though a novel concept for now, Perso (and products like it) will be necessary should the industry wish to continue on this path of hyper-personalization and more sustainable practices. Perso be available in 2021.

Images courtesy of L’Oréal


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