Negro Chiluacle Chiles

It takes an intrepid hunter to get their hands on the elusive Negro Chiluacle from Oaxaca, but anyone who has indulged in the chili’s deeply rich and complex smokey flavor would deem it a worthy effort. Aspen chef Michael Beary has eased the possibility of adding this sensational chili to a meal by becoming the sole US importer, a feat he accomplished after devising his …

Bad Seed’s Chili Granola

A spicy but sweet treat co-created by respected NYC chef Sara Jenkins and app developer Peter Cortez

by Jenny Miller Occasionally an idea comes along that’s so good it seems astounding nobody’s thought of it before. This just happens to be the case with Chili Granola, a new product from Brooklyn-based company Bad Seed—a joint endeavor helmed by New York chef Sara Jenkins (who lists Porchetta and Porsena on her resumé) and smartphone app developer Peter Cortez, among others. The blend is …

Hot Sauce Gift Set

Created by two orthopedic surgeons who have a passion for grilling, Bone Doctors’ Hot Pack gift set include Brazen Heat BBQ sauce with habanero and arbor peppers, Sweet & Spicy with peaches, honey, and cayenne, and their new Fire & Brimstone hot sauce with chilies and apple cider vinegar. This spicy set arrives packed in a wooden crate.