Patric Chocolate

Eight exciting bars pack flavor spectrums never tasted before


Alan Patric McClure has been in the chocolate business for a decade; after his chocolate tour through France in 2004, there was no turning back. He spent the next two years experimenting with chocolate-making before finally settling on a bar for the birth of Patric Chocolate in 2006. With McClure’s passion for fine chocolate and a small team of equally devoted friends, Patric Chocolate has since produced a line of eight exceptional bars and has been recognized and awarded a dozen times more.


Several Patric chocolate bars are truly unlike anything else on the market. The latest addition to the permanent chocolate line, Red Coconut Curry, packs in every possible flavor on the spectrum. It begins with the sweet flavor of milk chocolate, then the bitter bite of dark chocolate and toasted coconut crunch, and finishes with a burning burst of spicy peppers and ginger. For a spin on a classic dark, Patric’s In-NIB-itable bar combines smooth Madagascar dark chocolate and crunchy nibs on top for proof that opposites really do attract. For one last adventure, try their PBJ OMG bar for a surprising trip through sweet milk chocolate, salty peanut butter and a berry jam finish. We can assure you that the other five flavors—Mint Crunch, Mocha OMG, Madagascar Dark, Signature Blend and Dark Milk—pack similar thrills. The bars are available from Patric Chocolate for $9.

Photos by Lauren Espeseth