Future Gin

One of the only fully women-owned and -operated gins, Future Gin is made in LA with almost all botanicals sourced from Southern California. With unexpected inclusions like avocado and grape leaves, the smooth and juicy gin is citrusy and earthy. Its bright and silky nature makes it perfect for cocktails or straight sipping.

The World’s Only Single-Varietal Rum Distillers, Kō Hana, Revive Hawaiian Sugarcane

Field-to-bottle rum crafted with a strong sense of place and history

In 600 CE, Polynesians set sail for the Hawaiian islands on canoes and brought with them select varietals of sugarcane. This was centuries before Christopher Columbus ever got to the New World and spread the crop throughout Europe. Hawaiians valued the plant holistically and medicinally, using its sweet juice to maintain gum and teeth health, relying on its leaves for thatching, and honoring the plant …

Spirit Producing Pioneer Empirical Debuts SOKA, Distilled From American Sorghum

A deliciously flavorful new liquid that defies categorization

Founded in 2017 (but only available in the US circa 2019), Copenhagen-based alcohol innovation and “flavor company” Empirical is on a quest to contribute extraordinary experiments to a liquor market that often bows to tired trends. As such, releases by the pioneering brand tend to be a breath of fresh air or (in a more literal senses) with the release of SOKA, their new spirit distilled …