Green Yoga Mat

From California’s Museum of Peace & Quiet (a brand dedicated to “a clean state of mind” and a minimalist aesthetic), this green yoga mat is embellished with their logo. An apt message when practicing yoga, pilates or simply stretching, the “Peace & Quiet” copy encourages users to achieve a state of tranquility. The mat is made from rubber (making it easy to wipe clean) and …

Holiday Gift Guides 2021: The Great Outdoors

Equipment and apparel for all your outside adventures

Over the past couple years, we have spent more and more time at our desks, on our phones and indoors in general. But the importance of getting outside cannot be understated—for the body and the mind. Whether your idea of an outdoor sport is walking to the park on a cold morning, cycling to the beach or camping for days in the wilderness, there’s plenty …

Bloom Basketball

Chance’s Bloom Basketball—a vibrant lilac, covered in large multicolored flowers—recalls the blossoming of spring and the beauty of growth over perfection. While eye-catching, it’s more than a positive prompt and is made from premium rubber material intended for indoor or outdoor use. Its pebble pattern offers stronger grip control and a Butyl bladder locks in air, ensuring optimal ball pressure and consistent bounce.