Lolita Gomez + Blanca Algarra Sanchez Reimagine A Clockwork Orange’s Korova Milk Bar

Within the multi-installation Alcova exhibition this Milan Design Week, Lolita Gomez and Blanca Algarra Sanchez (students from Geneva’s HEAD design school) have twisted the dystopian iconography of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange into a real-life milk bar that guests can sit at. From nipple cups to udder-like siphons, the students’ vision channels the explicit forms and dazzling energy of the film’s original. “We decided to do something …

Apollo 11 Sweater

Plucked from The Shining, Camp Kitschy Knits’ custom replica sweaters are appropriate articles of clothing for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s moon landing. For kids, the sweaters run from 2T to 14 and each is made to order—which requires four to six weeks to knit and then ship.

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24 Covers for the Washington Post’s Climate Change Issue For 21 April’s issue of the Washington Post Magazine, their staff took a look back at the past year’s most important climate change-related stories and republished them with well-designed, poignant covers. Counting 24 in total, the full collection of covers and cover stories can be scrolled through online. Even though an entirely new issue full of …