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The future according to Stanley Kubrick, rock musical podcasts, the landscape at our Earth's core and more from around the internet

24 Covers for the Washington Post’s Climate Change Issue

For 21 April’s issue of the Washington Post Magazine, their staff took a look back at the past year’s most important climate change-related stories and republished them with well-designed, poignant covers. Counting 24 in total, the full collection of covers and cover stories can be scrolled through online. Even though an entirely new issue full of current stories was possible, the Post felt that “the sheer volume of news can make it tough for even the most conscientious citizen to comprehend the full scale of the crisis.” And that, “Each of the climate stories within the issue are critical to understanding the peril facing Earth. In other words, each is worthy of its own magazine cover.” See more at It’s Nice That.

The Future According to Stanley Kubrick

At London’s Design Museum, Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition explores the iconic director’s roster of films through their design process,  visualization of genre and vision for the future. Curator Deyan Sudjic and designer Marina Willer guide attendees through Kubrick’s storytelling, directing and editing by way of 500 objects—from costumes to props and production memos. Sudjic and Willer organize the exhibit into seven design sections—a first for the exhibit which has previously run based on film chronology. And from Kubrick’s use of symmetrical one-point perspective to his dissection of moral controversies and bleak vision of the future, it’s as close as we will get to the auteur. Read more at Dezeen.

2019 Webby Award Winners Include Fortnite, LEGO, Hulu + More

From’s victory to Disney’s 32 trophies, the Webby Awards once again honored the best of the internet. This year saw many unexpected (Deadpool The Musical 2) nods even more household names—including The Lego Foundation, NASA and Google Creative Lab. Categories ranged from shopping (where Hublot and Wayfair collected the awards) to best launch (for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Carnegie Deli Pop-Up by Tool) and beyond. Read about all of the results at this year’s award-winning site, The Verge.

The Odd Landscape of Deep Earth

The furthest we’ve ever dug into Earth is only 0.2% of the way to its center. Beneath our progress, new research says, is an odd assortment of mountain ranges—with some peaks taller than Mount Everest—as well as massive ebbing blobs under Africa and the Pacific Ocean and a 760-mile-wide iron sphere in the center. Using seismic waves, researchers hope to map the entire make-up of Earth’s interior in order to gain a better understanding of how our planet came to be—and possibly even to route a trip to the core. Read more at NBC News.

3D-Printing Could Rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral

Dutch-based Concr3de has proposed an innovative plan to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral: combine 3D-printing and the ashes and rubble from the site. Essentially the debris resulting from the fire would be used to create new materials to rebuild the landmark. The concept would certainly be the among the most high-profile applications of 3D-printing tech and Concr3de has already built a gargoyle as proof of concept, using limestone and ash. “We saw the spire collapse and thought we could propose a way to combine the old materials with new technology to help speed up the reconstruction and make a cathedral that is not simply a copy of the original, but rather a cathedral that would show its layered history proudly,” Eric Geboers, the company’s co-founder, tells Dezeen. Find out more there.

John Cameron Mitchell’s Podcast Musical

With Anthem: Homunculus, director John Cameron Mitchell and co-writer Bryan Weller have crafted a six-hour, 10-episode, 31-song original musical podcast. Mitchell, who reinvented the rock opera with 2001’s groundbreaking stage play-turned-film Hedwig and the Angry Inch, tapped immense talent for the production—including Glenn Close, Marion Cotillard and Laurie Anderson. Read more about Anthem: Homunculus, (which debuts on the podcast platform Luminary today) at the New York Times.

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