Cannabis Botanical Kit

Turn this Meditation Tree stencil into a piece of art with paint-by-numbers guidance. Accompanied by four shades of green paint and a fine-tipped paintbrush, the entire art set will result in a glorious rendition of an indica plant.

The First-Ever Customizable, Digital Stencil

Morpholio's latest tool to help designers and creatives within their Trace app

It is now possible to take any image one creates, or finds (be that patterns, words, a product and more), and turn it into a digital stencil. Stencils have long factored into the world of art and design and now their use as a tool for creatives has just gotten a bit easier. With the new Stencil feature of Morpholio‘s drawing and image editing Trace …

Ed Roth: “Dolly Was Cloned From A Mammary Gland”

The artist and stencil designer questions originality and conformity in a new solo show

Brooklyn-based artist and designer Ed Roth, the creative mind behind Stencil1, is showcasing his free-hand talents with a gallery exhibition at Seattle’s Twilight Gallery and Boutique. Opening 8 August 2013, the series is called “Dolly Was Cloned From A Mammary Gland (I Will aAlways Love You)” and is centered around Dolly the cloned sheep, and the song “I Will Always Love You” by her namesake …