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The First-Ever Customizable, Digital Stencil

Morpholio’s latest tool to help designers and creatives within their Trace app

It is now possible to take any image one creates, or finds (be that patterns, words, a product and more), and turn it into a digital stencil. Stencils have long factored into the world of art and design and now their use as a tool for creatives has just gotten a bit easier. With the new Stencil feature of Morpholio‘s drawing and image editing Trace app, one can instantly transpose an image into a custom guide that resembles a traditional plastic stencil, save it and overlay that anywhere else to draw or “spray” in to. Beyond simple creative expression, Stencil offers time-saving benefits while drawing and in turn room for greater experimentation and maybe a bit more joy in the process. Stencil also carries a color gradient function to lend dimension to any image application. Trace has been a tool used by architects since its launch—because of its ease in complex layering among many other features. With Stencil, the tool is relevant to every type of creative.

Download Morpholio’s Trace for iOS online, where Version 3.5.11 contains the Stencil feature. The app is free, but the Pro version sells for $8.

Images and video courtesy of Morpholio and contain work by Javier Galindo of JGCH Arch, WORKac and Oh My Deer Handmades


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