Stòffa’s Stylish SoHo Outpost

The newly opened space acts as the headquarters for the brand's efforts

Oftentimes custom-fitted clothing can be costly and exclusive. But for Stòffa, an independent made-to-measure brand that launched in 2014, the process of buying clothes that are crafted just for you shouldn’t be limited to three-piece-suits or hats and priced outrageously. As Stòffa’s Nick Ragosta explains, “We believe that made-to-measure is an important vehicle for making ‘buy less but better’ a real option.” “First and foremost, …

Destination Suit Jacket

J Crew has made a travel-suit jacket that looks nothing like a travel-suit jacket. It doesn’t appear stretchy or synthetic (though it’s made from a mix of cotton, nylon and elastane) like many do. Further, it’s water-repellant, flexible and, best of all, it’s machine washable—so when you’re traveling, it’ll easily survive the hotel laundry service.

Thom Browne + Woolmark Suits

The NYC-based designer continues championing natural fiber with his Fall 2016 collection

Sponsored by The Woolmark Company

Thom Browne wants people who wear his suits to feel one thing in particular: confident. The NYC-based designer has managed to make suits that incorporate business elegance and a hint of playfulness since founding his eponymous company back in 2003, and his collections continue to evolve—thanks to innovation of fabrics, inventive designs and a sophistication that has earned Browne several awards and countless devotees. Despite …