Samuelsohn Performance Weatherproof Suits

Rain-repellent fabrics get a classic cut in the brand's new line


Any suit-wearing individual caught in an unexpected storm or using a not-so-effective umbrella understands the discomfort of wet dress attire. Wool absorbs moisture and makes it more manageable, but wet wool also certainly carries a scent when saturated—in addition to a textural change. Heritage brand Samuelsohn offers a solution. Their new F/W 2014 Performance line of suits incorporates Loro Piana‘s Rain System wool, which actually repels water (not to mention stains) and deters wind. This lightweight, flexible material protects both the suit and (in turn) its wearer against the elements.

The brand keeps their classic cuts and signature style, but the fabric change truly makes their new suit performance wear. There’s an artistry to this formal attire, based upon hand-stitching and luxuriant, classy flourishes—reflective of their 90+ years of history. However, the additional increased functionality, by way of an intuitive interior pocket system and even form-recognizing fibers, sets it apart. Not to mention the fact that these suits are prepared for the weather to change—as it’s want to do.

Browse Samuelsohn’s rain-repellent suits online, or purchase them at select retailers, with prices starting at $1,195.

Images and video art directed by and courtesy of RO NEW YORK