Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Astounding images of space, environmentally conscious oyster farmers, hip-hop's contribution to HIV activism and more

Photographer Barbara Iweins Documented All 12,795 Objects She Owns A vibrator, a mold of teeth and metal combs to extract head lice: these are just some of the 12,795 objects that photographer Barbara Iweins captured when she set out to document every item she owns. The project, which is covered in the book Katalog and distilled into an accompanying exhibit of the same name at Rencontres …

Capri Regenerative Sneakers

KOIO’s Capri Regenerative sneakers are elevated and elegant, with an environmentally conscious ethos. Handcrafted in Italy, they’re made with vegetable-tanned leather from cows raised on regenerative farms in the Swiss Alps that play a crucial role in restoring the Alpine ecosystem. An LWG Silver-certified leather lining and 40% recycled rubber sole complete the shoes, which are available in a rage of classic, neutral and vivid …

Gallery 2019

Nuanced and balanced, Gallery 2019 wine is a blend exclusively crafted from Chardonnay and Viognier vintages and bolstered by notes of mango, vanilla and melon. Made in sustainable small batches by family-owned winery Bedell Cellars in North Fork, Long Island, the wine’s salinity, minerality and bright acidity capture the maritime terroir from where it hails.