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Deep Sleep Delights


Working with local and sustainably grown produce, Rose crafts flower rosin products that merge culinary culture and farming. For the Deep Sleep formula, the LA-based company creates CBD-infused Turkish Delight-style treats that …

Full Circle Wool

Wool Sponges


Durable, compostable and multi-purpose, these sponges (sold as a pack of two) are made from wool taken from sheep raised on a sustainable farm in Northern California. As wool is antimicrobial, the …


Capri Regenerative Sneakers


KOIO’s Capri Regenerative sneakers are elevated and elegant, with an environmentally conscious ethos. Handcrafted in Italy, they’re made with vegetable-tanned leather from cows raised on regenerative farms in the Swiss Alps that …

Bedell Cellars

Gallery 2019


Nuanced and balanced, Gallery 2019 wine is a blend exclusively crafted from Chardonnay and Viognier vintages and bolstered by notes of mango, vanilla and melon. Made in sustainable small batches by family-owned …

Pineapple Collaborative

The Apple Cider Vinegar


Made by women from sustainably harvested crops, and crafted in collaboration with farmer Joanne Krueger, this apple cider vinegar uses hand-picked organic Gravenstein, Red Rome Beauty, Golden Delicious and Pink Pearl apples for a …